Five Questions With Athlete and Model Bryan Jordan

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Professional athlete and model Bryan Jordan takes some time to give some tips on how he stays fit and motivated.

What does your work out routine consist of? 

My workout routine consists of a lot of circuit training. After I finish my cardio (anywhere from 30 min to an hour) I like to jump into some weights that will still continue to get my heart rate up. Go from dumbbell bench, to some squats, to TRX, to sit-ups, and back again. I keep it moving, attacking all different parts of the body. I try to get in anywhere from 3-5 times a week.

What does your weekly diet prep consist of?

Well I'm a foodie as I'm sure a lot of you out there are also. So thanks to genes I've been pretty lucky to eat what I like for the most part. "BUT" often I do find myself eating pretty healthy. I have this thing in me that kind of feels guilty if I’m eating really poorly so I try to stick to this plan.

(Only rule I have is... ABSOLUTELY NO SODA)

 Breakfast: oatmeal's in the morning 

Snack: I eat a lot of beef jerky / maybe some mixed nuts

Lunch: (Usually after my workout) Fruit, Protein shake, and a sandwich. On off day's I don't mind just eating a big salad.

Dinner: Lean meat with some veggies.

(Again, that's what I try to stick to....)

How do you stay motivated to train? 

For me I'm just internally motivated. Being a Pro Athlete has brought me a ton of joy in my life so when I get out there I just know I'm doing my body a ton of good. On top of that "Health" is probably the most important aspect in life so don't underestimate that. Plus it doesn't hurt to reap the side benefits of looking good and feeling good about your self! 

What is your tip for people who are having a hard time committing?

 For each of you that might be having a hard time committing... I beg of you to just "START."

Start, start, start! Many athletes know its just one day at a time… one game at a time. You will find you have an increase in energy, increased endorphin's for stress relief, and a ton of other side benefits. With as busy as life has gotten now a days with your job, family, social media, this that and the other… just put aside some me time and get in there. Really, DO THIS FOR YOU. Seek out a class if you're having a hard time staying consistent. The others will hold you to things that you can't yourself and help you enjoy your workouts and new friendships. I also have some friends that struggle with weight issues believe it or not and let me assure you of this… when I see someone in the gym at any size or weight I'm thinking... RESPECT! This person actually cares enough to get in here and better them self and I love seeing that.

What is your most important goal for your health and how did you set it?

Wow, tough question… to me it was always to be the absolute best in my sport.

And at this point I realise health is just a competition with myself, and I want to be the best I can possibly be.

I definitely want a family and kids so I'm going to do my best to stay healthy enough to stick around and watch them do great things!

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