Combo Band Sets

Combo Band Sets

41" RESISTANCE BAND SETS: curated combinations to match your needs
USES: Pull-Ups, Calisthenics, Pole Fitness, Powerlifting, Upper and Lower Body Exercises, Stretching
MATERIAL: Natural Latex Rubber
WHY OURS?: >20 layers thick, Free Training eGuide, Lifetime Warranty

These sets are best for those in seeking a broad range of resistance levels. We've bundled a series of resistance band combinations based on the user's size and targeted use. Owning various sizes offers you a wider selection of exercise capabilities and a logical way to increase or decrease the amount of desired tension as your warm-up or burn out. Let us know if you read through and need some assistance selecting the right resistance band set for you.

Resistance Band Sets:
This lightweight band trio has several different fitness functions. Perform almost any high rep exercise outlined in our manual. This low tension provides a self-contained gym and offers the perfect training tool for both large and small muscle group exercises.

This middle ground set offers a resistance distribution wide enough to perform both resistance training exercises (presses / pulls / squats) as well as assisted bodyweight training (calisthenics, pullups, and pole training)

This popular exercise band set is commonly used for assisted bodyweight training, such as assisted pull-ups because it gives you up to 8 possible combinations and allows for a range of resistance levels. This accommodates gradual increases in your strength and allows you to do drop sets - i.e. doing a set of pull ups with just the Robust band, and then adding the heavy band to eek out a few more reps.

This heavyweight set is a practical solution for calisthenics and assisted pull up band training for heavier adults or for powerlifting exercises. Fasten all three to the pullup bar and easily swap in the right band needed as you fatigue or perform different exercises in succession.

This complete gym-quality series of bands offer every resistance levels (from 5-300+ lbs.) you and/or your clients will need for full body fitness training. Replicate or enhances any gym exercise. This set is popular among trainers, studios, home gyms, extreme fitness enthusiasts and CrossFit boxes.


Light Band
The Light Band is only 1/4" wide but has several applications that make it an extremely valuable training tool. At 1/4" thickness, it provides between 5-15 lbs. [2-7 kg] of resistance and is excellent for high rep strength training, dynamic stretching, and prehab/rehab exercises. These are one of the best tools for warming up and strengthening smaller muscle groups, particularly the shoulders and arms.

Medium Band
The Medium Band is a highly versatile 1/2" wide band that can be used for almost every muscle in your entire body. It provides 20-35 lbs. (9-16 kg) of resistance, an ideal amount of tension for high rep toning exercises that target both upper and lower body muscle groups. The medium resistance band can easily be combined with heavier bands to optimize the amount of assistance needed for pullups, pole fitness, powerlifting, and a variety of strength training and stretching exercises.

Heavy Band
The Heavy Band measures 7/8" wide and provides 30-50 lbs. (14-23 kg) of resistance and offers numerous ways to tone and strengthen your entire body. Our heavy band's versatility makes them valuable for assisted pull-ups, pole fitness, powerlifting, squats, presses, and numerous stretches. This heavy duty band can be used alone or can easily be combined with another band to tailor the amount of resistance needed.

Robust Band
The Robust Band is our most popular band for assisted bodyweight training (assisted pull-ups, pole dance fitness, and calisthenics). With 40-80 lbs. [18-36 kg] of resistance the 1.15" Robust Band is a versatile jump off point for many suspended movements found on the pole and pull-up bar. Fasten it securely and dramatically improve the quality and quantity of your: assisted pull-ups, muscle-ups, shoulder mounts, and handsprings. Harness the resistance by stepping inside for a deep stretch or squat, or strap them to a barbell and amplify your presses and deadlifts with the band's ascending resistance.

Power Band
The Power Band is our silver bullet for assisted pullups and is widely used as a spotting pal and training enhancer on the pole or barbell. It measures 1.75" in width and provides 50-120 lbs. [23-55 kg] of resistance. This heavy duty band has become a staple on the pullup bar in bodyweight training communities, in CrossFit gyms, and on powerlifting racks when used in conjunction with free weights. Need a spot for inverts or for the illustrious iron-x? The mighty green band has your back and bottom!

Strong Band
The Strong Band is the beefcake of bands. It is 2.5" in width and provides 60-150 lbs. (27-68 kg) of resistance. Hang this band from the pullup bar for a generous pull-up assist boost or for suspended inversions. These pullup assist bands are recommended for adults >250 lbs. The substantial tension also makes this band a viable option for supercharging weighted squats by adding 200+ lbs. of elastic ascending resistance throughout your range of motion when using one of these burly bands on either end of a barbell.

Monster Band
The Monster Band measures 4" across and is the granddaddy titan of tension. This band offers up to 80-200 lbs. (36-91 kg) of resistance for herculean humans. This band is no joke! If you are not a seasoned powerlifter or think you may need to start with a lighter band, then you probably do. The colossal size of this band makes it applicable only for heavyweight squats and suspended inversions -- popularized by Donnie Thompson (world powerlifting record holder).

How are our bands different?
Unlike most bands, which are made in a large factory and cast as a solid piece of rubber, our exercise resistance bands are made of premium Sri Lankan latex and crafted through a multi-layering process, like the way a roll of tape is wound up.

Why should you care?
Because the layering property helps keep you safe. Each band is can stretch 2.5 times its resting length. This means that they a) stretch further b) last longer c) give warning as they wear out by unpeeling instead of snapping on impact. For this reason, we offer a lifetime warranty on all of our equipment. If at any point you are unsatisfied just send us back your band(s) and we'll refund or replace them with no questions asked.

*Each band is 41" [104 cm] in length and is made 99% free of soluble proteins (latex allergens).